i.t. & telecomsmaking all the right connections

Our specialist team’s been in place for over twenty years, so we could claim to be among the original i.t. crowd. Over the years we’ve provided entire project workforces for live operations, launches, change programmes and projects. Today we maintain exceptional relationships with key providers and consultancies throughout the industry.


As technology continues to evolve in this fast-moving sector, we’re recruiting i.t. talent for all kinds of businesses. From specialist computing and information to general organisations with i.t. needs, in the public and private sector, we know where the jobs are today and where they’re likely to be tomorrow.


One of the industries that impacts most on other sectors, telecoms is a rapidly evolving field with a constant need for researchers, technicians, engineers, designers and entrepreneurial managers. As long-term consultants to many leading telecoms businesses, we’re well placed to connect you to the job you want.