think differentwork different

At Jarvis King our view of life isn’t glass-half-full or glass-half-empty. It’s glass-brimming-over. That positive attitude means we deliver much more than you expect.

Whether you’re an employer or a potential candidate, you’ll probably only ever see a small fraction of what we do. That’s because so much of our work is behind the scenes.

We probe, we ask questions, we gather intelligence. Even before you call us we know your industry and sector, because we’re specialists. And when we work with you, we’ll continue gathering masses of information about you as a business or as a candidate, about the competition, the prevailing sector conditions, the alternatives.

we deal with the intangible

but we make it add up

We’re in the technical sector, and we know the value of data. So everything we do is measured, accountable and objective. We may be working quietly away in the background, but we will demonstrate our methods so you know what you’re paying for as an employer - or how you benefit as a candidate.

When we make a recommendation, we can show you exactly how we got there. It’s how we take the guesswork out, and make selection into a science.

timing is everything

some of the best people never go looking

These are often some of the best people - if you’re happy and well-rewarded where you are, it’s almost certainly because you’re very good at what you do. But that doesn’t mean you aren’t ready for a new challenge.

And the kind of person a business needs will depend on timing, too. This year it could be someone who’ll fit in with the existing structure without rocking the boat, next year, a disruptive maverick to shake things up. To get it right requires a profound and genuine understanding of the business and the candidate, as well as psychology and human chemistry.

we spend more time on it

because you’re worth it

We estimate we spend about 40% more time on each assignment than other recruitment firms. And that extra research and effort makes for a better match, every time.